Craig Bierko, Steven Weber on 'Leap Year,' finale Aug. 20

Tune in alert for "Leap Year," as the episode will air on Hulu Monday morning.

Craig Bierko, Steven Weber will guest star on the Leap Year season 2 finale this August 20 on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

"How to Bite"

The C3D team bands together to finally show the world what their 'Skype with holograms' technology is capable of, but not before showing Andy Corvell (guest star Craig Bierko, 'Elementary,' 'Necessary Roughness') who's boss, on the Season 2 Finale of "Leap Year" MONDAY, AUGUST 20 on Hulu and Hulu Plus (

"Leap Year" stars Yuri Baranovsky as Aaron Morrison, Alexis Boozer as Bryn Arbor, Emma Caulfield as ‘Smiley,’ Wilson Cleveland as Derek Morrison, Daniela DiIorio as Olivia Reddox, Eliza Dushku as June Pepper, Drew Lanning as Jack Sather, Joshua Malina as Sam Berry, Rachel Risen as Lisa Morrison, Dustin Toshiyuki as Glen Cheeky and Julie Warner as Josie Lanning.

Craig Bierko is cat as Andy Corvell, Steven Weber as Detective Remy Doyle

"How to Bite" was written by Vlad Baranovsky & Yuri Baranovsky and directed by Yuri Baranovsky & Justin Morrison.

Leap Year is produced by Unboxd Media in association with Happy Little Guillotine Films and Attention Span Media and is presented by Hiscox Small Business Insurance.

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