Travel Channel's tune in schedule for August 2012

Tune in alert for Travel Channel, as they premiere a new 'Mysteries at the Museum - Out of this World.' Plus, New Episodes of Ongoing Series - Week of August 20.

Urban explorer Don Wildman looks at the most memorable museum moments in a special Mysteries at the Museum - Out of thei World.  Also Amy Allan and Steve Dischiavo revisit their most suspensful and captivating investigations in “Dead Files Revisited” special follow-up episodes. 

(Additional information, including airdates and times, listed in chronological order)


Monday, August 20 at 9:00p.m., ET/PT

Andrew Zimmern takes a road trip down the Blues Trail, stopping along the way to take in the music and the food that make up the unique flavor of the Mississippi Delta.  From Memphis, TN to Jackson, MS, the foods he finds are both classic and unexpected.  While there are plenty of old southern standbys such as smoked baloney, pork rinds and deep fried chicken livers, innovative chefs are also creating new riffs on old favorites including redneck ramen made with noodles and pigs ears and a BLT made with lamb testicles.  Whether he is learning how to make souse, dining on Chinese food with a southern accent, or soaking in live music and smoked ribs at one of the Delta's last juke joints, Zimmern explores the multiple notes of the food and music that are the heart of the Delta.

Series Synopsis:  Andrew Zimmern ditches his passport and explores the bizarre foods and cultures in America’s own backyard in the sixth season of “Bizarre Foods America” with Andrew Zimmern. 

NEW SPECIAL:  Tuesday, August 21 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT

Don Wildman takes a look at the most memorable museum moments.  Whether it’s one of the world’s first and furriest astronauts, a pair of human heads each the size of an apple, or a photograph depicting the ghostly image of a former president, these are among the most bizarre and otherworldly stories found in America’s museums.


Wednesday, August 22 at 9:00p.m., ET/PT

Jordan Hembrough is hired by one of the biggest toy auction houses in New Jersey to help find something for their monthly live auction.  Knowing that he needs something big, Hembrough travels to Texas, where he hopes to find bigger collections, bigger personalities and bigger payoffs.

Series Synopsis:  “Toy Hunter” follows toy and collectibles expert and dealer Jordan Hembrough as he scours the country for hidden treasures to sell to his buyers around the world.  In each episode, he travels from city to city, strategically maneuvering around reluctant sellers, abating budgets, and avoiding unforeseen roadblocks.  With his sights on the holy grail of toys and pop culture collectibles, we’ll follow along with Hembrough as he digs through thousands of toy stashes, looking to turn people’s old trash into cold cash.  As each flip brings him one step closer to his goal of becoming the ultimate collector, the stakes become higher, the hagglers push harder, and the payoffs are greater than ever before.  For this toy hunter, poking through cramped attics and rummaging around dirty garages to score rare vintage items is all in a day’s work!


Thursday, August 23 at 9:00p.m., ET/PT

Bert Kreischer takes recent college grads – Matt and Christopher – to Rome, Italy, where the two young men from Arkansas get the chance to spar with gladiators, zip through rush-hour traffic on Vespa scooters and go canyoning in the Italian countryside.

Series Synopsis:  Bert Kreischer turns the tables on would-be vacationers and offers them a fantasy vacation of a lifetime.  All they have to do is say “yes” and enjoy the adventure.  Each episode features Kreischer surprising two people with the most unbelievable trip beyond their imaginations, convincing them to seize an opportunity of a lifetime and add a large dose of spontaneity into their lives.  Kreischer becomes the ultimate tour guide providing an all-expense-paid three-day vacation that goes well beyond any normal travel guide. 


Thursday, August 23 at 9:30p.m., ET/PT

Tim and Kiki love to travel but they’ve never been able to experience one of Tim’s favorite cities together: New Orleans.  Kiki is a first timer and wants to party on Bourbon St., while Tim is looking for a bit of history with his cocktails.  They’ve got three hotels to take a shot at but only one can win out.  From a historic celebrity haunt in the French Quarter, a Bourbon Street classic with a locally famous host, or a modern oasis on the edge of the Garden District…will the party atmosphere keep them on Bourbon Street or drive them to the edge of town?

Series Synopsis:  How do you plan the perfect vacation?  In each episode, travelers reveal their ideal vacation and test drive three different locations.  From hotels with private cabanas just steps away from the Miami beaches to the rich culture of London, each destination will be exciting…making the choice VERY difficult.  Viewers play along by guessing which vacation will be chosen.  The winning spot is revealed at the end of each show, along with whether or not the travelers stayed on budget. 


Friday, August 24 at 10:00 p.m., ET/PT

In this special episode, Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi revisit two of their most suspenseful and captivating investigations from season two – a historic home in Wichita, KS and a family-owned restaurant in Santaquin, UT.  As they take viewers on a guided tour from investigation to reveal, Allan and DiSchiavi provide additional insight into their processes and the investigations.  Plus, we’ll hear from the clients to find out what happened after the investigation – whether or not they took Allan’s advice and how DiSchiavi and Allan’s findings have affected them.

Series Synopsis:  They are a paranormal team like no other, combining their unique, eclectic and often-conflicting skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America. Our team approaches every case from their two specific areas of expertise: Steve DiSchiavi is a Homicide Detective and Amy Allan is a medium.  Each investigator’s methods and findings remain hidden from the other team member to preserve the integrity of their findings, until the shocking results are revealed to the homeowner in the compelling conclusion of each episode. DiSchiavi and Allan come together, with the homeowner, and all of the team’s findings gel into one undeniable – and often terrifying – conclusion.


Sunday, August 26 at 9:00p.m., ET/PT

Chuey Martinez travels the country in search of some of America’s tastiest poultry. Whether it’s Louisiana chicken in classic Cajun jambalaya, Colorado Rocky Mountain chicken wings, Los Angeles Peking duck or New Orleans fried chicken, Chuey’s out to try it all!

Series Synopsis:  On “All You Can Meat,” meat, in all its glorious forms, becomes the way in to an America that is quirky, colorful and downright delicious.  Host and meat enthusiast Chuey Martinez travels across the country to find the most authentic preparations of the classic cuts:  steak, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, etc.  From the Texas pit master to the woodsman in Appalachia curing jerky in his shack, Martinez quickly learns that great American characters make great eats and there is much to be learned about a region by how they prepare their meat.  Martinez also discovers that roasted meat taps into deep emotions and has the ability to bring people together.  This series will take viewers to some amazing corners of the country – places they can go themselves to discover these mouth-watering meat recipes.





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