Kelsey's cell phone nattering more important than TCA panel to promote 'Boss'

"Boss" star Kelsey Grammer used his time TCA Panel to chit chat to his new wife about picking up some milk on the way home from the TCA's (he isn't picking up milk).

Grammer used his precious 'Boss' panel time at the 2012 Summer Television Critics Association tour to take a cell phone call from new wife Kayte Grammer.


Starz put their spin on it:

"When presenting a show to a room filled with television critics, most stars are all business.  But things got very personal today for Kelsey Grammer, the star of BOSS, the acclaimed original drama on STARZ, when his cell phone rang during the network's TCA presentation in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton. While discussing the second season of the series, (premiering Friday, August 17, 9:00PM ET/PT) Grammer (who won the Golden Globe® for Best Actor for his role as the fictional Chicago Mayor, Tom Kane) surprised the room when he answered his cell phone while on stage -- while some might have ignored the ringing or cut the call short, Grammer took some time, about a minute and a half, to chat with his wife Kayte. After explaining that he was on stage and passing along a telephone phone number to his better half, Grammer got right back to the business at hand, telling the audience that " “some things that are more important than others and the well-being of my wife sits atop the charts.”

The action was speculated by some critics as a deliberate slap at former wife Camille Grammer, who was a "Real Housewife of Beverly Hills."

At the end of the session Grammer was asked by another reporter why he decided to take the call phone in the middle of the press conference promoting his series. “Well there are some things that are more important than others,” Grammer noted. “And the well-being of my wife sits atop the charts.”

Kelsey and Katye had a new daughter, Faith, born on July 13.

Season 2 of “Boss” premieres Friday, Aug. 17 on Starz.

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