Louis C.K. on tough Boston girls, 'Uncle' F. Murray Abraham and more

Season three of FX comedy "Louie" is the summer of possible emotional breakthroughs for the fictional Louie, played by Louis C.K.

He might just get a girlfriend - perhaps in season 4.

Season 3 has been highlighted by guest appearances by Allan Havey, F. Murray Abrahams, Parker Posey and Melissa Leo, and wraps up on September 27th with a special one hour episode.

Episode 6 i titled, ďBarney/NeverĒ  airs August 2, 10:30 pm e/p Ė A guy dies, Louie meets a comedian, and has a bad day with a bad kid. Written and directed by Louis C.K.

Episode 7 Ė ďIkea/Piano LessonĒ  airs August 9, 10:30 pm e/p Ė Louie takes an old friend shopping and has a bit of an emergency. Story by Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon; Teleplay by Louis C.K.; directed by Louis C.K.

Episode 8 Ė ďDadĒ airs August 16, 10:30 pm e/p Ė Louie gets a rash. Written and directed by Louis C.K.

Episode 9 Ė ďLooking for Liz/Lilly ChangesĒ airs August 23, 10:30 pm e/p Ė Louie searches for a lost love and then for his daughter. Written and directed by Louis C.K.

This past Saturday was FX day at the TCAs at the Beverly Hilton, and Louis C.K. was beamed in from Albany where he was picking his daughter up from summer camp.

At this weekendís TCA executive session for FX, cable channel president John Landgraf announced that they had renewed 'Louie' for season four. FX has ordered 13 episodes once again.

Season three of Louie is still airing and there are eight original episodes remaining. The five aired installments have averaged a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.07 million total viewers according to TVbytheNumbers.com. The season will wrap on September 27th with a special hour-long episode. 

Louis C.K. spoke about the coming episode where F. Murray Abraham plays his Uncle.

"Itís kind of an amalgam of a lot of people Iíve known. You remember the mom I had in the first season that was very narcissistic? I think Iím very fascinated by people that are that absorbed in themselves, so this guy is a bunch of a lot of different people. I donít want to attribute him to anybody in my family because those people are still alive. Yeah, Iíve had a lot of relatives like that."

"As soon as I got my own show, like literally thought number three was I want to get F. Murray Abraham on here somehow. I just I love him, and the first time we used him, it wasnít as he did great, but I donít think it was that special a role as far as how I wrote it. So I wanted another crack at him, and as soon as I started writing this 'uncle' character, I knew it was him. Then I wrote it for his voice. And he was thrilled to do it. Heís a great guy. Heís very weird. He makes a lot of really strange, inappropriate jokes, and heís very funny. Heís a goofball."

A question arose about improv, and if it was the norm on his show.  "We donít do a lot of improvising on my show. Itís mostly either written because we shoot it very cinematically, so itís hard when you do a lot of complicated shooting to improvise because then you canít cover improvisation."

Touring is still the biggest source of balance and income for the comedian/actor. "It remains the most the thing Iím best at, I think, is standup, and itís always saved my life. It would be crazy for me to stop doing it. Itís where a lot of my favorite ideas come from. They start on stage, and it keeps that energy alive for me. I think itís what people depend on me to do better than anything else I do. It also is the most still the most money I make is on stage. I still make way more doing that than I do doing this show. So it keeps me able to do shows like FX. Not that I couldnít support myself on what I make at FX. But the standup takes a lot of pressure off of wanting to have to do other things. And I love going out. It keeps my blood moving. Itís one of the functions of my body, it feels like."

As for TV shows he likes, Louis C.K. surprised the TV critics.

"I really like sports. I love watching boxing. It is probably my favorite thing. As far as TV shows, ďProject RunwayĒ is a big favorite of mine. I love it because I actually really enjoy fashion. I really do like looking at it, so watching people create stuff in a competitive spirit, thatís really, really fun. And I love that Tim Gunn guy. Heís got a great work ethic, and heís a good teacher, and my kids like ďProject Runway,Ē so I watch it with them."

"I like 'Family Guy,' makes me laugh a lot. I donít watch a lot of the current stuff on the big networks. I just havenít kind of gotten into it. I watch ďAmerican IdolĒ or ďAmericaís Got Talent.Ē I like those because Iím a real sucker for variety maudlin, emotional stuff. I used to watch Howie Mandelís other show, ďDeal Or No Deal.Ē I used to cry like a baby watching that show, like watching a workiní man try to earn for his family and know when it stops, those kind of things. When I watch TV, I become a complete Iím just a viewer. I just become an American viewer."

C.K. talked about working with Robin Williams too. "Robinís such a great actor, and heís a very generous guy...heís a very giving actor. Heís a great guy. Iíve gotten to know Robin over the last year or so, and I admired him when I was kid...Heís a great standup, and as an actor heís really something. So I was thrilled to have him there as a fan but also a friend more recently, and then as actor, I loved sitting with him and doing the scenes with him."

As for the rest of the season, he promised more guest stars. "Well, youíve got F. Murray there...and Robin and Melissa are three actors, Oscar winners, and then thereís going to be a three episode run. Episodes 10, 11, and 12 are all one story, and thereís a whole bunch of people in that. I donít want to give anybody away. Itís going to be really fun to watch that. I think youíll enjoy that."

Parker Posey also impressed the critics, and C.K. shared his fondness for the tough Massachusetts girls he grew up with.

"Parker was amazing, and all that really was supposed to be was this one date. That was the idea. But she put enough into that to stick around a little, but youíll see. She kind of comes back a couple of times sort of. Itís in a weird way."

"And Melissa Leo...I donít know, she reminds me of the girls I knew growing up. I grew up outside of Boston, and girls outside of Boston are really tough. They smoke Parliaments, and they wear leather jackets...I grew up around girls that will beat the shit out of you. Thereís one memory that she kind of comes from. Like, sheís the grown version of this girl. I was going into a McDonaldís in Waltham, Massachusetts, and I was about 12 years old, and I held the door for a girl 12 years old coming in. And she looked at me because I was holding the door for her, and she said, 'What are you, fucking polite?'

"So Iíve always wanted to be with that kind of girl. My whole life, Iíve always kind of wanted to be with a girl that could kick the shit out of you. So thatís what that that started as a story about couples trying to set you up when youíre single. When youíre single, couples donít like it. They want to pair you off with somebody. So that was the original idea, but then I thought, ďWhat if it was this kind of woman?Ē I didnít have Melissa in my head when I wrote that. I had that girl from back

then.""...Iíve had so much more better luck with women than he [Louie] has. Only this season, Iím starting to feel a little bad for him. So maybe Season 4, Iíll park him with somebody for a few episodes, you know, give him a girlfriend, at least let him fail at having a relationship for a minute. Maybe, I donít know."



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