Olympics-themed videos from NBC's Guys with Kids, The New Normal, Animal Practice!

Get your Monday started right with all the latest Olympics-themed promos from NBC's new comedies Guys with Kids, The New Normal, and returning hit, Animal Practice!

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"Guys With Kids" is about three male buddies in New York City who also happen to be dads.  Last week, NBC's summer TCA Press tour panel for "Guys With Kids" featured stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Zach Cregger, Jesse Bradford, Anthony Anderson and Tempestt Bledsoe, with executive producers Charlie Grandy, Amy Ozols, Kenny Schwartz, Rick Weiner and, via satellite, "Guys With Kids" executive producer Jimmy Fallon. (Newly cast Erinn Hayes, who will play Bradford's character's ex, was on location shooting a movie in New York and was not there)


The judges will have to be impressed with this routine.

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Also at press tour was showrunner Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, Glee, Nip/Tuck), who spoke about the controversy around his new series, as a Million Moms were releasing statements against this gay male couple needs woman to birth their baby comedy. 

Earlier this year, the conservative group Million Moms were trying to get Ellen DeGeneres fired as JC Penney spokesperson on the grounds that her sexuality was not kosher.

Now the group is boycotting Murphy’s new comedy. The New Normal, which is set to debut on NBC on September 11, (same day as Sons of Anarchy, guess what I'll be tuning in to) as the series focuses on a woman who becomes a surrogate mother so a male gay couple can start a family.

Million Moms released a statement last week:

    “NBC is using public airwaves to continue to subject families to the decay of morals and values and the sanctity of marriage in attempting to redefine marriage.”

Going for the Gold

The New Normal family has some words of encouragement for the new baby.

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He's been mocked and ridiculed but after a string of victories, his unorthodox stroke has sparked a revolution in swimming.

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