Level 5 Hoarder Can't Use Bathroom (VIDEO)

Tune in alert for the latest sad bastard edition of Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Most people donít give their day-to-day hygiene regimens a second thought. But for compulsive hoarder Randy, bathing in his bathroom sink or using the restroom at the gas station down the street is a daily reminder about the extreme state of his living conditions.

He admits itís a terrible way to live, yet cannot control an addiction thatís raged for over twenty years.

TLC (who else) brings this all-new episode on this Sunday, July 15 at 9/8c.

From TLC

As a level five hoarder, Randyís compulsion to collect has consumed the living space in his one-bedroom apartment and amassed into mountains of stuff reaching eight feet high. After recently being told by his landlord that he must vacate the property, Randy is now faced with the prospect of having to clear out decades of stuff in a matter of days. With the clock ticking, Randy calls on the help of his three sisters, as well as licensed psychologist Rebecca Beaton and professional organizer Sherry Brown, to help tackle the seemingly impossible challenge.







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