Breast milk foreplay, Size 102ZZZ Breasts and virgin navel lint collectors, Strange Sex (VIDEOS)

In the "OMG they went THERE" edition of TV tune ins from TLC,  meet a woman whose boobs each weigh more than a 4th grader, a guy who picks lint from his navel and is a virgin and a middle-aged woman who rebuild her hymen to give her 40 year marriage something new again.

Size 102ZZZ Breasts on TLC's Strange Sex sees a lady with bazooms so big people pay just to look at them.

The series is loaded with bizarre, unusual (but interesting) sexual fetishes and conditions that cover infantilsm, bondage, and things so cuckoo you will howl.

The series premiere, which returns with double-stacked episodes, features a man who cured his erectile dysfunction by drinking his wife’s breast milk, a woman who undergoes vaginal rejuvenation for her 40th wedding anniversary, a woman who experiences painful orgasms and a woman with the world’s largest natural breasts.

 Biggest Breasts EVER Hymenoplasty Virgin lint collector

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