Shirley Temple nightmares: Toddler and Tiaras train back on TLC (VIDEOS)

The appalling hit series Toddlers & Tiaras returns to TLC tonight with all-new episodes airing at 9/8c.

From TLC

Come party in Phoenix, Arizona at the California Tropic Pageant where the Ultimate Grand Supreme will win a modeling contract with pageant fashion company – Hollywood Babe. Perfectionist Danielle, 10, has her routines down, but wardrobe malfunctions may ruin her chances. Kayla, 4 is sassy and doesn’t like to practice, but still knows how to wow the crowd. Her rival is pageant pro Kailia, 5 who’s mom thinks she has the total package.


From the producers behind TODDLERS & TIARAS, TLC is premiering an all-new, one-hour special - CHEER PERFECTION tonight at 10/9c.

There’s no cheerleading coach like Alisha Dunlap. Alisha makes sure that any child who steps on the floor of her Arkansas cheerleading gym knows immediately that perfection is expected. This all-out pressure is just fine for the ultra-competitive moms who admit freely that they’re living through their kids. Not only do the moms want their kids to succeed, they know their own status in the gym is tied to how good their daughters are as cheerleaders. With tryouts this week, a new pecking order is being established in the gym. But when two moms feud, one of their little girls gets pushed to the brink.



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