Boobs in news: Woman with size 'L' bra cup reveals all to HLN's Dr. Drew (VIDEO)

On the boob news front, a woman who has L-cup breasts -- soon to become size MMM -- appeared on HLN’s Dr. Drew Tuesday night (June 19) after undergoing 12 breast enlargement surgeries.

**To better demonstrate to viewers the weight that Ms. Wildd carries on her chest, Dr. Drew uses similar size watermelons and discusses his impressions.**

Model Lacey Wildd, 44, says her large breasts will ultimately help her children, Ivy, 27, Silas, 24, Tori, 16, Michael, 15, Brandon, 10, and Jenaveve, 5, to live a better lifestyle than she did growing up. She explains that she’s been offered multiple employment opportunities as a result of her enhancements.

“This is just my choice," she said. “I don't push it on anyone, but I'm making a lot of money. I just signed a contract with a major network. You're going to see a lot more of me on TV. I am a really good mom and hopefully everybody could see that I make sure my health is number one, because you know what? My kids are number one.”

However, plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz says she is putting her health at risk.

“There's no question that she is causing severe damage to her body by having implants of this size in her breasts,” he explained. “[She’s] not only [damaging] her skin, [but] I'm sure she is having some kind of chronic neck and back problems.”

He added, “A lot of people don't realize that when you have weight like this on your chest, over time, that weight starts eroding into your rib cage.”

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