FOX Business Network all over the Greeks Sunday night, details

Greece. Great food, lovely people, but we are all a little annoyed a the cradle to the grave coddled country by the sea where less than half of ALL Greeks work.

Did you know that nearly 50 percent of those under 25 are unemployed, 25 percent of the estimated GDP is in the undeclared underground black economy, and the government spends 42 percent of its total budget on social benefits, read: Socialist welfare.

The Greeks are less productive than their Euro peers, producing only $35 per hour worked compared to $55 in Central Europe, a fact that regularly makes Germans fit to be tied.

This is a country that exports olive oil, honey, saffron and lamb - which are all great things we make in America at a fraction of the cost.

Greece is also known for the art of the “fakelaki,” a little envelope stuffed with bribe money. 

Learn more about shiftless Greece here

Fox Business Network is unleashing my favorite, Gerri Willis, on these laggards of life during a special for Sunday night to cover the market reaction/ economic impact of Saturday’s elections in Greece.

FBN will present a special hour-long program on the economic impact of Greece’s pivotal election and how it will impact the country’s membership in the Eurozone and future austerity. FBN’s Gerri Willis (watch, she will roill her eyes when someone brings up the age 50 retirement fact) will report live as the overseas markets react to the voter’s decision and examine the economic impact of the nation’s political decision on a global scale.

FBN’s Ashley Webster will provide live reports from the ground in Athens, Greece, and Rich Edson will be at the G-20 Summit in Mexico assessing how world leaders are reacting to the political decision.

Tune in with some flaming Saganaki cheese and Baklava on Sunday, June, 17th  2012; 9:00 PM/ET on FOX Business Network (FBN).



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