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Kings' fan Charlie Sheen locked out of Staples Center (VIDEOS)

By April MacIntyre Jun 8, 2012, 8:46 GMT

Kings' fan Charlie Sheen locked out of Staples Center (VIDEOS)

Slapshot, no Kings game for Charlie Sheen © richard shotwell / PR Photos

FX Anger Management star Charlie Sheen was shown no love from a brave female security guard at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the fourth game in the Stanley Cup series against the New Jersey Devils.

HuffPo reports that Charlie Sheen lost it on a Staples Center security guard Wednesday night during the Los Angeles Kings game, after she denied him re-entry after he went out the back door to smoke a cigarette.

Allegedly Charlie Sheen is surrounded by lots of yes men, so when a woman told him no, f-bombs were launched.

Sheen was furious. “What does common sense dictate?"

"You know what? F**king blow my balls, alright? You f**king a**hole!”

He even called the guard a "bitch" and again asked if she knew what "f**king common sense means" before telling her, "F**k you."

The paparazzi were there recording every moment.

Sheen never regained entry to the game.

According to Gossip Cop, Sheen was angered when a fan yelled at him if he had "done bath salts."

"Would you ask me that at a f**king dinner party, you moron? ... Go f**k yourself!" Sheen replied.

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