Syfy 'Fact or Faked' and 'Total Blackout' Bonus Clips (VIDEOS)

Tune in alert for SYFY: Fact or Faked & Total Blackout!

Syfy sent us a series of bonus scenes from Ghost Hunters which airs Wednesdays on 9/8c.

Missed the premiere of Total Blackout? Watch an encore of the series premiere tonight at 10/9c and don’t miss an all-new episode next Wednesday at 10/9c.

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Twitter "On The Ground" – Bonus Scene Jason and Grant investigate the reports of lights around the US Naval Academy.

"Playing the Field" – Bonus Scene Adam and Britt try communicating with the black shadow of a man who committed suicide at the US Naval Academy.

“Hums In The Boiler Room - Bonus Scene Ghost Hunters Description: Jason and Grant find the source of the noises and haunts in the boiler room.

“Bube Hunt” - Bonus Scene Steve and Tango get a laugh during an EVP 


“Comedic Camera” - Bonus Scene Steve and Tango find some humor in how Britt set up the equipment in the Boston House.


“Tango Tries Contortionism” - Bonus Scene Tango does his best contortionist impression investigating the barrels in the brewery.

“Debunking Calisthenics” - Bonus Scene Tango does calisthenics to help Amy and Britt debunk the chandelier mystery.


Please tune in to an all new episode of Fact or Faked at 9/8c followed by Total Blackout at 10/9c next Wednesday, May 2nd on Syfy!

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