No B.S., Penn Jillette out on 'Celebrity Apprentice' (VIDEOS)

Sunday night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice was a giant advertorial for sponsor Macy's which tasked the two groups to come up with an in-store push for Trump's new fragrance, Success.

What does Success smell like? Crisp dollar bills, new car smell and notes of tuberose and a whiff of Trump grovelling.

The winner of this challenge would get for $20,000 for their charity, “but if you do something I love, I’m gonna increase it to $100,000,” Trump said.

Aubrey O'Day was project manager of her team Arsenio Hall and Terese Giudice. Clay Aiken was project manager with repeat bottom contestant Dayana Mendoza, Penn Jillette and Lisa Lampanelli.

Clay's team lost because of their slogan, "You earned it" and for their display. Penn came up with the slogan, so Clay brought him and Dayana back to the boardroom.    

Before all this, Aubrey dismissed Arsenio’s suggestion of playing up the cash aspect of the Success marketing: “If they want new and fresh, it’s not bling, bling.” 

She also wanted Eric Trump photographed for the display.

Trump also praised the RHONJ Giudice: “Teresa’s a hustler. She works hard. She’s competitive. She gets tough and angry when she gets attacked,” Trump said.

Macy's judges were not thrilled with either team's display. They loved Aubrey’s slogan, as well as the tester strips and ”takeaways” but the silhouette of young Trump was “unappealing,” and that the display was “just OK.”

Clay’s team photo of Dayana left little room for the product itself. And they hated that team's slogan, that it was reeking of arrogance.

Trump later divided the money this way: $40,000 to Aubrey’s charity, and $10,000 each to all the remaining players’ charities.

The Real Housewife from the Garden State may take this thing! What do you think?

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