Mike Catherwood talks 'Auction Hunters' for Spike TV

Fans of Mike Catherwood can look forward to seeing the former Dancing with the Stars contestant take us all on an exciting treasure hunt of sorts on Spike TV.

The network's highest-rated non-scripted original series “Auction Hunters” premieres a special, one hour LIVE auction event showcasing two of the best prospectors in the business, Allen Haff and Tom Jones.

Every year in America, 50,000 storage facilities hold auctions for abandoned storage units and, at these auctions, over $1 billion worth of goods changes hands. Each unit has the potential to be a goldmine or a bust for those who make their living hunting unclaimed property. “Auction Hunters” cuts the lock and opens the door into the high stakes, financial risks and potential rewards where the right purchase can bring in serious cash. The series follows Haff and Jones in their quest to win auctions, dig for abandoned historical treasure and sell them for a profit

This episode will broadcast live from an exclusive storage auction in Los Angeles. Hosted by “Loveline” co-host Mike Catherwood, as “Auction Hunters: Live” premieres Wednesday, March 21 at 9:00 PM, ET, immediately followed by the series premiere of “American Digger.”

“Auction Hunters: Live” follows Haff and Jones at a white-glove only auction in Los Angeles, as the duo is challenged to condense a week’s worth of work into one hour of live television.  Haff and Jones will have to hurry to buy a unit, dig through it, and select a few items to present for sale to the assembled group of on-set experts.  The pressure is on as this rare auction could potentially lead to their biggest payday or greatest loss to date. 

With the cameras rolling and the stakes higher than ever, Spike’s “Auction Hunters” are primed for the ultimate challenge.

“Auction Hunters: Live” kicks-off season three of the series on its new day and time Wednesday, March 28 (9:00 PM, ET/PT) with back-to-back episodes filmed in Alaska.  Additional locations for the new season include New Orleans, Washington D.C., New York City, Honolulu, Denver and Los Angeles.

Monsters and Critics caught up with Mike Catherwood and talked about this amazing new series.

Monsters and Critics: Mike-this show is a treasure hunter's dream come true, what is the most interesting thing you have found by chance in your own life, either stumbling in on a garage sale or thrift type store?

Mike Catherwood: I have a compass from a World War 1 British field officer that's very cool. My grandfather's Navy ring from 1942, which I wear every dayis the best treasure I've ever acquired.

M&C: Is there any indication what might be in these storage units ahead of time, or is it really just a crapshoot?

MC: The series' experts Allen and Tom might be able to deduce something like that, they can deduce what units contain value through a quick peak with a flashlight, but from my perspective, it really looks like a crapshoot!

M&C: What was the best thing you took away from DWTS? WHo are you rooting for this season and why?

MC: The best thing I took away from DWTS is the friendships with the people who make the show.  They're all such great guys and gals; I want to root for Maria Menounos because she's always been really nice to me, she's truly a good human, but she'sa Boston Celtics fan so I am at a major crossroad...


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