'Whale Wars' Captain Paul Watson updates Vermeulen Trial, more

Captain Paul Watson of Animal Planet's "Whale Wars" contacted Monsters and Critics by email and revealed that during Operation Divine Wind, his Sea Shepherd organization has two ships in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary defending the whales against illegal slaughter.

Watson writes, "We are chasing the whalers, and we intend to chase them out of the Sanctuary — forever! Our clients are the great whales, other sea creatures, and the people of the world who desire their protection. Our weapons are the truth through the eyes of the camera backed by a courage born of compassion and sustained by a fiery passion for the sanctity and respect for all life and for the upholding of international conservation law. We will end the slaughter of the great whales in the Southern Ocean and other marine atrocities worldwide, but we need your help."

Watson also shared updates on ongoing projects:

Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen Trial - Day 1
"This past Thursday marked the start of court proceedings for Dutch Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen, who has been detained for more than 40 days on false charges of assault. Erwin was in Taiji documenting the town’s annual dolphin massacre, which runs from September until March, in an effort to bring global awareness to this horrific slaughter, when he was falsely accused of pushing one of the dolphin resort employees."

The charges against Erwin were only clearly stated last Saturday. He is being treated like a notorious criminal and is being subjected to highly inhumane conditions.

The trial continues February 1st when the defense will present their case and a Sea Shepherd witness will be allowed to give a testimony. Closing arguments are scheduled for February 16th with a verdict on February 22nd." MORE

Bid to Free Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen
"Sea Shepherd Netherlands Director and artist of the very popular Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger logo as well as many of our campaign logos, Geert Vons, is offering two of his paintings up for auction to raise funds for Erwin's legal defense.

Bid on this or the other painting or simply make a donation to support Erwin's legal defense HERE"

Japanese Whalers Chased into Yesterday
"The illegal Japanese whalers have no scientific agenda. Never before has the whaling fleet abandoned one designated whaling "survey" area for another. Never before...until this year. We have chased the whalers into yesterday and have proven their agenda is not about science, and it's not about profit.

Find out more HERE

Lady Liberty Prevails in the Galapagos

"Last year, an industrial fishing vessel was caught inside the Galapagos Marine Reserve with 350+ dead sharks. The case made international headlines, not only for the illegal capture of a protected species in a marine reserve, but also for the poor response it received from the local judiciary, which ultimately annulled all its proceedings.

In a rare move by the Galapagos judicial system, the judge who was responsible for the outcome of this case has been suspended and interdisciplinary investigations into the case will take place for the next three months." MORE


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