'Gold Rush' previews: Debilitating Back Pain, Family Dispute, Gold Jackpot (VIDEOS)

Discovery's "Gold Rush" is a ratings goldmine.

The series continues to rank #1 in ALL OF TELEVISION on Friday nights among men (25-54 and 18-49) Last Friday, 4.65 million people tuned in to watch the latest episode of Gold Rush.

"On the Gold" Premieres Friday, December 16 at 9PM E/P With the all-important washplant prepped, the Hoffman crew is finally ready to process dirt.

They install a clean-out tent with gold expert Fred Dodge but a broken loader leaves them with nothing to feed the washplant. Harness's attempt to fix it aggravates his back injury.

With the team mechanic forced to abandon them for medical help, the loader repair is left to a pair of local mechanics. The crew rallies and gets back on the gold at last.

Meanwhile with Smith Creek a bust, young mine boss Parker Schnabel is forced to run his grandfather's safety dirt. But when mining legend John Schnabel decides to shut the washplant down after a monster six hours of running, young Parker explodes. The pressure to turn a profit and find a gold is showing at the Big Nugget mine.

After Dakota Fred's boast to Jack that he'd get more gold in seven days than the Hoffmans got all last season, it is time for Fred to put his money where his mouth his. Fred finally has all his equipment working but now he's short on manpower and he and his son Dustin struggle to operate the machines.

After a marathon week they finally weigh the gold.

Knocked Out By Pain |

Gold Rush Debilitating back pain leaves James Harness with no choice but to leave the Hoffman crew with broken machinery while he seeks medical help.

Who's the Boss? 

Gold Rush Seventeen year-old Parker Schnabel is pushed to the brink and steps up show his grandfather he's the boss of the mine: Dakota Boys Jackpot

Gold Rush Dakota Fred seeks redemption and after a week of running dirt, he finally weighs his gold to see if he beat in seven days what the Hoffman crew found on the same claim all of last season.

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