Put on your best overalls: Discovery series 'Moonshiners' will take the enamel off your teeth!

It's time to get Pappy to polish up his one good tooth and get those pigs out of the mash trough before they wreck your tire flower pots in the front yard, as Discovery brings us "Moonshiners," where Americans make their own hooch.

"I've made all kinds of liquor in my time.  I've made the fighting kind, the loving kind, the crying kind.  I even made some one time and sold it to this couple.  They was happily married.  The next damn week they was divorced.  This I'm going to make today has four damn fights to a pint."

- Legendary Moonshiner 'Popcorn Sutton'

Discovery Channel's all-new series MoonshinersS, premiering last Tuesday, December 6th, was the network's highest rated series launch EVER* and was watched by almost 3 million people

"The Law Comes Knockin'"
Premieress Wednesday, December 14th at 10PM

Tim's pressed for time, having committed to delivering 80 gallons of moonshine to his distributor in less than 24 hours.  But equipment failure and an intruder threaten Tim and his partner Tickle's first run of moonshine.  And ABC agent Jesse gets his first big bust of the season, thanks to the help of confidential informants.

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