‘Warehouse 13’ recap – ‘Emily Lake’/‘Stand’

The third season of the hit Syfy series comes to the small screen, so let the dying and the “cliffhangering” begin!

Here’s the episode summary from tv.com: “Sykes reveals his plan to get revenge on the Regents and recover the Collodi Bracelet, a plan that will cost one agent their life.”

This finale has left us with a lot of questions that hopefully will be answered during the fourth season of ‘Warehouse 13’ next summer. I was intrigued that Syfy actually had an announcer say, “Take a deep breath! ‘Warehouse 13’ will be back next summer!” or words to that effect. It’s only a TV show and a sci-fi program, after all!

Anyway, this two-hour finale was actually two episodes knitted together into one. We see the return of Helena G. Wells as schoolteacher Emily Lake, find out that Steve Jinks indeed has been working undercover, and see just what the bracelet that Pete’s mom is wearing does!

Undercover work can be very dangerous, as Steve finds out the hard way. When the team comes across his body, Claudia reacts with horror and then anger at the loss of her friend. We later find out that she has a plan to bring him back! Personally, I like the character a lot, so I hope he becomes a regular next year!

Anthony Michael Hall, who played good guys for a long time, apparently buys the farm during the second hour as a gateway closes in on him. But he’s not done with the Warehouse yet! He’s left a bomb in his wheelchair designed to destroy the place once he’s left it through the portal to Hong Kong.

There isn’t much time left to save the day, and Helena completes her transformation from baddie to hero as she protects Pete, Myka and Artie at the cost of her own life (apparently … again, this is sci-fi, after all … and doesn’t she have a spin-off in the works?). When the Warehouse blows up, it takes Mrs. Frederic with it, and we get to see her disintegrate into a bag of bones on the Inn’s floor. (Does this mean that Claudia’s time to step up has come?) But since this is a sci-fi/fantasy show, the stopwatch in Artie’s hand may hold the key to getting things back on track again!

It’s been another great season for the most popular show on Syfy. Pete has had some terrific moments and re-united with his mother (excellently played by Kate Mulgrew), and Myka is firmly on the same level with him, giving the series a much-needed balance. Artie’s made new friends and even kindled a romantic relationship! Claudia has been able to go into the field more, learning the gain and loss that entails. The writing and action has been excellent, and I don’t see any reason for that to falter next summer!

I’m going to make my usual request of this show—she got some good things to do this time, but I still consider Leena to be the unused character who could really add some spice to the program! More of her next year, please!

But we don’t have to wait that long for the next ‘Warehouse 13’ episode. Come December, the second Christmas special will air on Syfy. Although there isn’t any title or air date yet, here’s the description: “Pete inadvertently activates an artifact that creates an alternate reality where he never existed.” Don’t miss it!

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