Raging Waters for 'Top Chef Just Desserts', video previews Sept. 21

Tune in tonight for BRAVO's Top Chef Just Desserts, Wednesday 9/21 @ 10/9c:

Time management is not the chefs’ strong suit during this week’s Quickfire challenge. The chef’s rush to have their desserts ready in time, but after one chef knocks her tray of the table, she may be left with no desserts to present. Could this be the end for her?

Later the chef'testants travel to Raging Waters theme park in San Diego to see if they can put their own personal twist on all the most typical theme park desserts. What started out as a fun challenge, could end with a disaster.

·         Must Stand Out: The chefs prepares for a wet and wild day at Raging Waters for this elimination challenge.

· Liquid Nitrogen Mishap: The chefs struggle to get their Quickfire dishes just right but for one chef, a liquid nitrogen mishap proves to be a blunder.

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