'Entourage' Grenier and Piven give high praise for returning guest star Kim Coates

The character of Carl Ertz (Kim Coates), first introduced on HBO's "Entourage" back in 2008 (episode: Fantasy Island) is making a stunning return on the final season of "Entourage."

Yesterday at the television critics' association summer press tour, Jeremy Piven and Adrian Grenier were asked about working with "Sons of Anarchy" cast regular Kim Coates on the powerful upcoming episode titled "One Last Shot" set to air August 7.


"I’ve spent a lot of time in Morocco with Kim [Coates], and he’s brilliant. In Episode 3, he’s a genius...and “Sons of Anarchy” is an amazing show," says Piven, whose performance as the character Ari Gold the final season gives the actor an opportunity to show a more human and vulnerable side to the acerbic agent.

The last season of the HBO series sees Vincent out of rehab, E and Sloan drifting away from each other, Ari and his wife on the outs (Bobby Flay has an excellent guest starring role as "the other man") and a trim and sexy Jerry Ferrara as Turtle working out his next big business move. Bonus is the always hilarious Kevin Dillon as little brother Drama, loving his new animated gig as a cartoon gorilla.  The deal is cocked up by guest star Andrew Dice Clay's greedy second banana salary wrangling.

The breakout scene so far is coming August 7, as "Entourage's" third episode in the final season, “One Last Shot” sees the return of Kim Coates as Carl Ertz.

Coates is a beloved and highly neurotic character on showrunner Kurt Sutter's bike drama on FX, "Sons of Anarchy."

Coates was first cast as the sketchy producer on "Entourage" back in 2008 for one episode.

Adrian Grenier told the TCA audience yesterday that Coates' appearance as Carl was one to look forward to. "I had the pleasure of working with him [Kim Coates]. I mean, I was in awe, really. And what he brought to the table was just a whole other level. And, you know, they say acting is reacting, and it was great to work with somebody who really gave you something to just respond to, and it was just so natural. And he’s a talented guy, and I wish he could have been around for more episodes."

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