Galavisión rolls out Spanish language comedies this summer

How do you say LOL in Spanish?

Anyway, Galavision brings Laugh-Out-Loud three-hour comedy programming premieres with “Cero en Conducta” and “La Casa de la Risa,” followed by the debut of “Fr@ctal” and “TV de Noche.”

After record-breaking performances last quarter, Galavisión, (say this in your best 'Let's Get ready to Rumble' Michael Buffer voice) the undisputed leader among Spanish-language cable networks in the United States, continues to entertain with the premiere of four new shows, airing Monday through Friday.

The comedy block begins with the premiere of “Cero en Conducta” (F in Conduct) and “La Casa de la Risa” (The House of Laughter), and continues into the evening with the premieres of the technology TV blog, “Fr@ctal” and “TV de Noche” (TV at Night).

The comedy feature “Cero en Conducta,” is where viewers can follow the mischievous classroom antics of “Jorgito del Mazo Geis,” a playful student who becomes his school’s most charismatic character.

Have a gander at this and you tell me if this is right, because it freaks me out quite a bit:

Also, “La Casa de la Risa’s” charming cast gives free reign to humor and laugh-out-loud fun.

The entertainment continues with the late night debut of the new television blog, “Fr@ctal”. Hosted by Susana Rivera Torres, “Fr@ctal” presents the latest news and trends in technology, environment, art, gadgets and design.

Also new, “TV de Noche,” offering night owls their latest entertainment news, guest interviews, and gossip on some of TV’s favorite stars. Featuring great music and dancing, hosts Jorge Muñiz, Sugey Abrego and Andrea García will be sure to keep viewers off their feet.

Galavisión Network Beginning Monday, June 27, 2011

Galavisión Comedy Block (6pm-9pm):

“La Escuelita VIP,” Monday to Friday at 6 pm ET/PT (5pm Central)

“Cero en Conducta,” premieres Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm ET/PT (5:30pm Central)

“El Chavo,” Monday to Friday at 7 pm ET/PT (6pm Central)

“La Casa de La Risa,” premieres Mondays to Friday at 8pm ET/PT (7pm Central)

“La Familia P. Luche,” Monday to Friday at 8:30pm ET/PT (7:30pm Central)


Galavisión Knowledge Block: (9pm-10pm):

“Sabías Que…” Monday to Friday at 9pm ET/PT (8pm Central)

“Detrás del Saber,” Monday to Friday at 9:30pm ET/PT (8:30 Central)

Galavisión Late Night Programming:

“Fr@ctal,” premieres Monday to Friday at 11pm ET/PT (10pm Central)

“TV De Noche,” premieres Monday to Friday at 1am ET/PT (12am Central)


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