Jillian Michaels: She 'Could Suck' at New TV Gig and more

Firness magazine interviewed/ The Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels about leaving the show.

This move hasnít slowed her down one bit-with a book, clothing line, and child on the way, Jillian has a lot to look forward to. 

In the July/August issue of FITNESS, on stands June 28th, Jillian revealed her insecurities about her recently announced TV gig, motherhood, motivation and her personal workout hell. Undeniably ambitious and confident, she admits her flaws and opens up to FITNESS:

Jillian on feeling insecure about ďuncharted territoryĒ and her new TV gig:

ďIím insecure in my relationships I hate being vulnerable. And if you canít be vulnerable in relationships, you canít be truly intimate. Iím insecure about any kind of uncharted territory. Iíve never done a daytime show. I donít know, I could suck.Ē

On her least favorite body part:

ďMy ass! I hate it! Thereís cellulite on it, and no matter what I do, I canít get rid of it. The reality is that itís connective tissue. I can starve and my boobs will go and my face will get gaunt, but I will still have cellulite. Itís not so much about aesthetics for me these days. Instead, I think a lot more about the mark Iím going to make on the world than about the back of my ass.Ē

Jillian on leaving The Biggest Loser:

ďPeople tried to talk me out of it. ĎOh, reallyÖare you sure thatís a good idea? What are you going to do if youíre not famous anymore? What about the paycheck?í Iím not going to be intimidated into staying,Ē she says. ďI know whatís in my heart.Ē

On standing up for herself:

ďThe worst advice I ever got was to be diplomatic, because it compromised my authentic truth. Donít fight this, donít stand up for that, be a good girl, donít be a troublemaker- [bleep] you!Ē

Does is drive you crazy when you donít get to exercise?

ďI feel aggravated. But I donít bug out about my body because I know how to get myself where I need to be in two weeks. I notice it, and Iím like, Oh, [bleep]. But Iím always two weeks away from getting to where I want to be.Ē

Jillianís workout hell:

ďA marathon. I think, youíre at mile twenty and you have six more to go and your body is just battered and bleeding and miserable. I would rather be dead.Ē

What one thing do you never skip in your workout?

ďThis is ironic. As much as I hate it, I run every time, like three miles. It makes you skinny, thatís why. It works.Ē

Youíre a control freak. How do you think motherhood will change you?

ďIím sure itíll be extraordinarily humblingóbeing confronted with all the things you donít know, being worried about not making the right choices. But I imagine that itís going to force me to unplug. Iím looking forward to that.Ē

On her parenting style:

ďItís a constant positive reinforcement with kids. There are rules and structure and accountability, but would I ever utilize fear to circumvent a negative behavior pattern? No! Everyone thinks that I go around yelling at people. Biggest Loser is crisis mode. People are hundreds of pounds overweight. People. Are. Killing. Themselves. Iím running an intervention on that show. I donít go through life that way.Ē

Her typical workout routine:

ďI usually go to the gym three to four times a week. I work out hard when I go. I just kill it, whether itís doing kettlebells, mixed martial arts, Spin classes, power yoga. I get bored easily, so I need something thatís going to keep me focused. I mix it up. Everything I do is a combo of body resistance and cardiovascular endurance. On my off days, I watch my food.Ē

Whatís the best way for someone to motivate herself to get fit?

ďReally search inside and ask, what do I want? For a twentysomething, it might be to wear a bikini. For a 70-year old, it might be to live to 100. Next, form an emotional connection to whatever your long-term goal is. Then when you go to choose between a bagel or egg whites for breakfast, you can make the choice with your goal in mind. Thatís what I do. Iím extraordinarily mindful when it comes to making decisions.Ē

To find out what Jillian likes best about her body, whatís on her workout playlist, and to get her favorite workout moves, pick up the July/August issue of FITNESS, on newsstands June 28th.

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