Summer's oddest yet compelling new scent: Que Eau de Barbeque

It's not every day that a cologne smelling of smoke, sweat, meat and summertime crosses your desk.

Que "Eau de Barbeque from Pork Barrel BBQ" is a new fragrance unleashed from 2009 ABC 'Shark Tank' winners Brett Thompson and Heath Hall.

The pitch on this amber liquid is that it is "an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat, and sweet summer sweat ..."

What it was: Highly complex, initially jolting, and an intriguing dry down reveal of clove and heady notes that reminded me of Roman Catholic mass incense and my ex husband's grilled ribs.  It evoked a heady, weird emotional moment. And I could not stop sniffing my wrist, making me hungry as long as I wore the scent.

Previously, the two men hit paydirt with their Pork Barrel BBQ company, turning out three award-winning sauces, one rub and now, the new Que fragrance.

I asked Heath if they were serious about this fragrance.

"We're 150% serious!!  How many times have you been to a BBQ and heard someone that just arrives say, 'That smells great!!'  I'd wager a bet that it happens more than a few times at every BBQ across America!  It does lend a new meaning to the phrase, 'Bite me.' " 

The good smells of a barbecue were the inspiration for this highly unusual fragrance that probably will horrify any vegan males, but for the carnivores out there, will act like catnip to lure a potential hookup.

This has to be tested out to be believed, you can find more information here

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