TLC's most disgusting one yet: 'Strange Sex' feeder fetish couple (VIDEO)

TLC takes the cake, cupcake, little people, 19 kids and counting, Kate plus 8 and every damned sideshow they have ever aired with the latest in their Strange Sex series.

Warning: The video will put you off eating for a few meals.

Sneak Peek – Food as an Aphrodisiac as TLC is premiering an all-new episode of Strange Sex airing this Sunday, May 22 at 10/9c.

For kinky mixed race couple Donna and Phillipe, food is the ultimate aphrodisiac, as Donna eats a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, sausage, grits, bread, ham, pop tarts, jam and cereal every breakfast.

Phillipe then gets so turned on by the greasy shimmer remnants of that meal on Donna's chins that he bones up and throws her into the shower for a washing and then gets busy.  Yeah, it's an ironic and perverse weight loss incentive for everyone else who views this mess.  Seriously, I think this one tops the diaper man who wears a onesie and poops in his pants from a few weeks back.

Phillipe fulfills his sexual fantasies by feeding Donna and watching her gain weight. Later in the episode, Frank becomes ill after the act of sex, but how far is he willing to go to cure his mysterious illness.

“Sex Feederism”
Donna and Philippe get pleasure by eating, but it's really a lead in for the weight gain and pleasure that their physiques bring them.

Because true love is color blind, and in this couple's case, totally sensory impaired:


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