Henry Hill saga: Locked Up Abroad: The Real Goodfella and more on NGC

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Locked Up Abroad: The Real Goodfella
Season Premiere
Wednesday, June 8, at 10 PM ET/PT

"Twenty years ago, Martin Scorsese made a movie about my life.  And there's a lot of stuff that he left out." -- Henry Hill

This season, witness a fresh round of crime and punishment.  Locked Up Abroad launches with the story of wiseguy Henry Hill, with intriguing details of New York's Italian mafia in the 1960s and '70s, and more of Henry's life that "Goodfellas" didn't portray.

The former gangster who "did a lot of nasty stuff" in a "violent insane subculture" discusses how he defied his mob boss' golden rule of never dealing drugs, made careless mistakes, went into witness protection and "ratted" out his former mob partners. Later, after seven years on the run and still leading a crime-ridden life, he lands at a penitentiary in California, where mobsters are out to kill him.

Shark Men: Biggest and Baddest
Sunday, May 8, at 10 PM ET/PT

NatGeo's Shark Men - Biggest and Baddest by wiredset

The Shark Men capture the largest great white shark ever caught and released alive.  The crew landed a 17-foot, 9-inch-long male great white weighing more than two tons. 

The shark, named Apache, was caught off the coast of Guadalupe Island while the crew was completing an expedition to capture, tag and release great whites in the area to unravel the mysteries of their life cycle.  The dramatic monster shark catch will air on NGC whenShark Men: Biggest and Baddest premieresSunday, May 8, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.
Naked Science: Volcano Devils
Thursday, June 2, at 8PM ET/PT

Go inside one of the worst volcanic disasters in recent history — the Mount Unzen eruption in Japan that killed more than 40 scientists and journalists.  Piecing together archival footage, survivor testimonies and CGI animation, Naked Science breaks down the events of that tragic day minute by minute to take you inside the heart of the action.
Known Universe: Biggest Cosmic Blasts
Thursday, June 2, at 9PM ET/PT

Volcanic eruptions aren’t unique to Earth — they are common throughout the solar system.  Eruptions are capable of both destruction and creation, and we’ll see their astonishing effects on humans and entire galaxies.  We’ll head to the big island of Hawaii to get up close and personal with one of the most active lava fields on the planet.  Is there a way to predict when the next catastrophic eruption might occur?  We’ll listen in on the pulse of an active volcano to see.  But are eruptions on other planets more destructive than on Earth?  We’ll look at Venus and discover that its entire surface has been reformed due to massive volcanic activity. And we’ll learn how the astounding power released by an entire galaxy falling into a black hole is actually considered to be the most powerful eruption in the entire universe.

Break it Down: 3,000-ft Bridge
Thursday, June 2, at 10PM ET/PT

Since 1949, the steel and concrete Piacenza Bridge had spanned a remarkable 3,300 feet across Italy's Po River. Then, disaster struck: A dangerous flood collapsed the bridge and took four vehicles with it. Now, a team of deconstruction experts have a radical plan to take down the bridge in just 90 days, with a recycling mandate of 90 percent! Operating from land and water, the crew uses state-of-the-art machinery and some creative ingenuity to break down the bridge and make room for a new one. It's a race against time on a demolition job where every cut could lead to disaster.

Ice Pilots: Fatal Freeze
Friday, June 3, at 10PM ET/PT

A furious Joe fights against a federal suspension that will prevent him from carrying passengers for the first time in 20 years. It's also a setback for Jeremy and the other rampies, which takes a turn for the worse with an unexpected injury. For the Turkey waterbomber team it's finally a go. Arnie, Justin and the crew set off on the first leg of their journey, a risky trip across Canada in the dead of winter, with no de-icing equipment.
Shark Men: The Cannibal
Sunday, June 5, at 10PM ET/PT

This time the Shark Men aren’t searching for sharks… they’re tracking the giant Humboldt squid. Little is known about the elusive monster that can grow as long as a school bus. Joined by three squid experts, the Shark Men scour the Sea of Cortez by spotter plane and boat in the hopes of finding a giant squid. After days of finding only a juvenile Humboldt, Captain Brett manages to catch a fully mature Humboldt…but what the cameras catch is even more spectacular. The special squid cam isn’t in the water for long before another Humboldt starts attacking it, and there is a reason Humboldt squid are referred to as cannibals. 

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