How You Doin? GSN's Wendy Williams 'Love Triangle' new clips (VIDEOS)

How You Doin?

If you love Wendy Williams like we do here, you know that's the beginning of her gals gab fest of Hot Topics and great interviews. Wendy also has survived "Dancing with the Stars" this year (her feet not so much), and now GSN has bet on her bigtime with "Love Triangles."

Love Triangle is a new show on the Game Show Network," Williams serves as the host.

The show premise is one person is caught up with two people, and they want to decide which one they want to build a future with. Williams leads the due diligence charge.

The person in question has been dating two people, but can't decide who to be exclusive with, so Wendy susses out the situation.

The show employs aging software to see how they will age in 15 years, and even a lie detector to ask questions about the person's plans for their life.

New episodes of Love Triangle airs weeknights at 7pm ET/PT on GSN. (DirecTV it is channel 233)

GSN sent us some new clips for you to check out:


Clip 2


Clip 3


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