SFP NOW Episode 15 - Featuring Former Doctor Who Script Editor Andrew Cartmel

For our 15th episode Ian Cullen Explores time and relative dimensions in space with former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel, who was largely responsible for the big push to reinvigorate Doctor Who during the late 1980s when budgets were cut and the series was in decline.

During our chat Andrew discusses the last minute changes he made for ‘Survival,’ which wound up being the finale adventure of Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor, and featured a poignant end of The Doctor and Ace (Sophie Aldred) walking off into the distance for further adventure.

We also touch on the fact that his run as script editor was referenced in the newspapers for being against the British Government.

For This Week In Comics we are joined once again by Comic Book Enthusiast Gianluca Glazer, who takes us through some of his choices for the week. While our own Wayne Hall gives us his Best and Busts of the last week.

For This Week In Television we discuss the finale of the American version of Being Human, and I give Wayne my thoughts on the new HBO series Game Of Thrones, which leads onto a pretty good discussion about period drama.

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