'Extreme Couponing' Clips - 1,000 tubes of toothpaste! (VIDEOS)

Extreme Couponing reveals the tricks that the savviest shoppers use as they plan and plot their way to unbelievable savings (up to 99%), while maintaining a stockpile, or sometimes an entire stock room, full of items that will keep their families fed for years to come.

TLC has an all-new episode airing tonight, April 13 at 9:30/8:30c. Watch this subculture with a mass following clip their way to savings up to 99%. This episode features identical twins, Tai and Tarin who hunt around town for their birthday freebies. Additionally, Nathan from Kentucky is shopping to send 1,000 care packages to the troops.

Special sneak peek clips are available for your publishing:

“Operation Feed the Troops”
Nathan shows off his wall of toothpaste. 1,000 tubes of toothpaste that stretch 4 feet wide, stacked 5 feet tall and weigh 400 pounds. Nathan’s cost? Only sales tax.

“We Bought them all Out”

Tai and Tarin have a brief panic attack and demand a price check. When they get an unexpected coupon they scramble to fit it into their plan but realize they had already bought everything out.

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