SFP-NOW Episode 13 - Featuring ‘Driver For The Dead’ Writer John Heffernan

In this weeks episode of SFP-NOW, Wayne Hall catches up with writer John Heffernan, who talks about his book "Driver For The Dead," which was released in Trade Paperback earlier this week by Radical Books.

In the Last Week In News segment, Wayne and I express our mutual amazement at how much attention David E. Kelley’s "Wonder Woman" is getting.

During our weekly television segment, I discuss "Chuck" while Wayne talks about last weekend's triumphant return of "Batman The Brave and The Bold."

And for This Week In Comics, we discuss the final issue of "Sherlock Homes Vs Dracula" and Wayne chats about the first issue of The FF, and touches on some potential problems that the book may run into as it moves forward.




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