FX's 'Wilfred' not your average dog, new previews (VIDEOS)

Happy Friday from FX.  Lucky for us we were sent the latest hilarious clips from a comedy we are very excited about, "Wilfred," starring Elijah Wood.

Below are the new clips for FXs latest original comedy series which is scheduled to hit this June.

"Wilfred" is an Americanized comedy adaptation from the eponymous Australian show. Based on a 2002 short film by Adam Zwar and Jason Gann, the FX version sees Zwar's role snapped up by Elijah Wood, and Gann will reprise his role from the original series as Wilfred the dog.

This is absurdist and wildly funny stuff. Ryan (Wood) is a suicidally depressed man whose comely neighbor, played by Fiona Gublemann, asks him to watch her dog during the afternoons.

To her the dog is a proper canine; a waggy tail, non verbal, the normal sort of pup. To Ryan, this dog is a guy in a dog suit who talks to him. No one else sees this but Ryan. Think "Harvey."

FX comedies are wonderful things, as "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia," "The League" and "Archer" are not the usual, lazily written network sitcom fare.

Wilfred on FX Bed Hog Description: Dont Miss the New FX Original Comedy, Wilfred. Coming June only on FX.

Wilfred on FX Lick

Wilfred on FX My Land

Wilfred on FX Tug of War

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