Behar previews: Sarah Silverman on Charlie Sheen and posing nude

Tune in alert for the Joy Behar Show: Sarah Silverman on Charlie Sheen and posing nude.

Here's a sneak peek from tonight's interview with comedian Sarah Silverman. Charlie Sheen follows only 31 people on Twitter–and for some crazy reason, Sarah is one of them...she’s totally stoked!

 Here's what Sarah had to say.

“There’s really good news, actually, and this is going to be an exclusive: He won.  Charlie Sheen won.”

When asked if she’s like to be one of his goddesses, she replied

I’m probably not his type.    And I know he’s totally sober…and whether he is or not, I’m just not into that cokey energy.  I’m a stoner…I like that slow, and chill and let’s watch TV attitude.”

Check out the hilariously AMAZING interview:

Plus, Sarah shares all the dirt on her first completely nude film scene. And don't forget to watch tonight on HLN at 10 pm! 


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