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Oscar fashion chat with Joan Rivers, the Award night's best bet

By April MacIntyre Feb 28, 2011, 2:02 GMT

Oscar fashion chat with Joan Rivers, the Award night's best bet

Oscar best bet: Joan Rivers - Las Vegas, NV, USA PRN / PR Photos

Can't wait for Oscars? Only reason I will be tuning in is to follow up and hear E! Fashion Maven Joan Rivers slice and dice the famous and their fashion faux pas or homeruns.

Joan tells E! this event is a real barn burner, because Ryan Murphy's singing posse of Gleeksters will be absent.

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Who is the most anticipated for Joan? She tells E! that Sandra Bullock is her pick: "She's been through some year. I bet she's gonna look just great. And she's gonna wear a sandwich board that says simply, 'F--k you, Jesse James!' "

M&C interviewed Joan Rivers, and she foreshadows her take on the famous and their sense of fashion in a podcast: LISTEN


Monsters and Critics: Okay. So fashion. You and Melissa, you're the fashion mavens and always have great insight and spot the stinkers. So recently, the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais... By the way, what did you think of Ricky?

Rivers: I think he was wonderful. I think he was funny and you get what you paid for. They wanted an outrageous comedian, they got one.

And this group was just so damn uptight. And I'm always saying, so hungry, all those women, that they have no sense of humor.

M&C: What did you think fashion-wise?

Rivers: You know, we talk about it every week on Fashion Police on E!, which Melissa produces. So we really went through it already. It's such past history to me now. Again, as always, some looked wonderful and some looked terrible. I mean, it's the old story.

M&C: Who always gets it right?

Rivers: I think, what's her name from... I didn't like her pregnancy dress at all, from Black Swan. I thought the red rose looked stupid.  I thought that Helena Bonham Carter looked like a moron. She should be put away. And there are certain ones... And then there are some ones that always looked beautiful. I didn't like Halle Berry, particularly. And the certain ones that you just... You go, "Why?"

M&C: Who was the biggest question mark for you, fashion-wise, overall?

Rivers: It changes with every show. You don't know. One of the big ones now is Sarah Jessica Parker. She either looks amazing or Chanel gets a hold of her and puts her in things that she shouldn't be in. Because she's a teeny, tiny, slim woman, tiny little woman. And they put her in things that they had on the runway on a 6'2" amazon.

M&C: Which American designer do you love the best, you and Melissa? Whose work do you love? 

Rivers: Whoever gives me the dresses free.


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