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Justin Bieber's pro-life views slammed on The View, video

By April MacIntyre Feb 20, 2011, 9:14 GMT

Justin Bieber's pro-life views slammed on The View, video

Can\'t he have an opinion, if asked? Justin Bieber -London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos

Justin Bieber's interview with Rolling Stone revealed his stance on pro-life issues and more, which were summarily dismissed by "The View" head chatter Barbara Walters as not 'appropriate.'

On Thursday morning, the women of The View, save for right-leaning Elisabeth Hasselbeck, were critical of the 16 year-old's opinions to Rolling Stone journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis, who defended the right of Bieber to speak, given his status in pop culture in a PopEater interview.

Bieber's quotes in the March issue of Rolling Stone included his ideas on sex: "you should just wait" until you're in love to have sex, and "I really don't believe in abortion … It's like killing a baby."

Joy Behar expressed concern about the influence the singer's comments might have on young girls – his core fan base.

Walters believed that Bieber's Christian upbringing influenced him, and that children usually follow in line with the beliefs of their parents.

Bieber, so far, been a straight-arrow example of walking the talk. Do you think The View women were right to be critical of Justin Bieber's comments?

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