Toni Braxton's bankruptcy issues solved: Braxton Family Values on We TV

TCA news as WE tv announced a new show, "Braxton Family Values", starring Toni Braxton.  A collaboration with Magical Elves, it is slated to premiere April 12th and will follow Toni and her posse of sisters as they navigate bankruptcy, life and love.   

WE tv’s rolling out new 10 episodes, one-hour original series,  premiering April 12, 2011 at 9pm ET/PT. 

Join the Braxton sisters and their headstrong mother as they take over WE tv with their brand of family love.  They’ll battle it out for the spotlight with sibling rivalry, man drama, bankruptcy, a DUI and much more.  
Like their famous sister Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar were all blessed with the gift of song and shared that gift as a quintet called “The Braxtons,” managed by their mom Evelyn. 

Fast forward a few years and two bankruptcies later, Toni Braxton is a mega-star with hit song after hit song and too many accolades to count; Traci has an unexpected pregnancy; Towanda decides to pursue acting; Trina becomes back-up for Toni and a “wedding singer;” and Tamar strikes out on her own to chase her rising star.  Mom Evelyn also experienced change when she divorced the love of her life, the girls’ father, for his chronic philandering. With their worlds turned upside-down, and the meteoric rise of Toni’s fame, the family had to dramatically adjust to life after stardom.  

Living beyond your means isn't always everything you think it's cracked up to be. The Braxtons are in no short supply of drama, as they deal with sibling envy, resentment, infidelity and bankruptcy.

Here is your cast of characters:
Toni (1st) – The oldest of the sisters, Toni has had her much publicized ups and downs with fame and fortune.  After enjoying an enormously successful career in the ‘90’s, she has since had to deal with bankruptcies, a son with autism and medical problems, including a heart condition and Lupus.  Add a looming divorce and the fight to restore her career to its former glory, Toni will need her sisters’ support now more than ever.
Traci (2nd) – The second of the girls, who terribly misses the days of performing on a stage with her sisters, has been dealt a tough hand.  Her life choices since leaving the band left her with a son suffering with arthritis and a possessive and alleged cheating husband.  Traci’s family is devastated that she is dealing with such hardships but understands her need to fight to keep her child healthy; even if it means staying in a truly unstable marriage. 
Towanda (3rd) – Third sister Towanda has a peculiar situation.  While she considers herself to be Toni’s "assistant," she’s tired of her demands and wants to pursue an acting career and start dating again. But doing so will prove to be challenging, as her soon to be ex-husband has weaseled his way into living in her new home, and her sisters watch closely to see how she plans to pull it off.  
Trina (4th) – Fourth of the five is the often misunderstood Trina, who desperately wants her family to support her band, even though they think their song choices are sacrilegious in a church setting.  To add to her family’s judgment, Trina was put on probation for a DUI and has been banned from driving; but her plan to do so in spite of the restriction further solidifies her family’s disapproval.  
Tamar (5th) – Last of the group is the feisty Tamar.  Being the youngest has its advantages, but Tamar sees herself at a severe disadvantage.  Sick and tired of playing back-up to Toni’s fame, Tamar is explicit in striking out on her own, including recording an album and performing with Lady Gaga.  But the person she loves the most may be standing in the way of her dreams – her husband.  And who better to reveal this but her famous sister.
Evelyn (Mom) – Lastly, there’s mom Evelyn, who is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Already having trouble trusting men after her ex-husband’s incessant infidelity, she’s exploring a new love life.  Having to deal with her girls’ dislike of her chosen mate, she’s open to dating others to test the waters, but doesn’t really care what the girls think - even if her new man doesn’t return her calls. 

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