Losing a House, gaining a life, reality TV Biggest Loser helps another winner

There are so many awful reality TV shows but say what you will, NBC's Biggest Loser helps desperate people reclaim their lives and inspires viewers to add healthy habits and reprogram the bad ones from a person's life.

So now, the latest season wraps and we have a winner: Patrick House, 28, who literally lost the weight of a man, 181 pounds, and is ready to tackle his job situation and family life.

House earned the $250,000 prize as the top contestant of Biggest Loser season 10.

"I lost my job in January, so a lot of the money is going to pay back my family and friends that I borrowed from just to live this year," the Vicksburg, Mississippi father of two told UsMagazine.com at Tuesday's finale. "I'm going to get my family back on our feet and start my new life."

Given the timeliness of Michelle Obama's statement that childhood obesity is now a national threat to security, based on what the military chieftains have noted to the First Lady, House will work at the South Carolina's Mind Stream Academy, a place where overweight teens can work and learn.

House is a svelte 219 pounds and committed to keeping his shape and fighting the fat with others who need his help.

Portion control and not denying himself the good stuff, in moderation will be part of House's life now. "That 400 pound guy is long gone," he told Us. "Heís never coming back. Itís a lifestyle change itís not a diet."

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