Judge Andrew Napolitano's fatwa on TSA and 'cousin Janet' on FBN

The latest star of Fox Business Network will give newcomer Lou Dobbs a run for the money in the disgust department with regards to US Government transgressions of Constitutional law.

New Jersey son Judge Andrew Napolitano is a self-described pro-life Catholic libertarian who hosts the hot new show, "Freedom Watch."

So far Judge Andrew has managed to book Sarah Palin, Arianna Huffington, Congressman Ron Paul, economist Peter Schiff, and Lew Rockwell.

Napolitano is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge who transitioned his career out of the courts and squarely into political and legal analysis for Fox News Channel beginning in 1998.

The Princeton and Notre Dame graduate serves as both Fox news and Fox Business Network's senior judicial analyst, commenting on legal news and trials.

Judge Napolitano is livid over what he claims is gross mismanagement and law breaking by the TSA with regards to the new pat down regulations and invasive x-ray screenings that reveal soft tissue, essentially naked pictures of you as you transit through security.

He is promoting that viewers rise up and demand that TSA officials end these practices, and has guest after guest who supports his civil disobedience clarion call.

Napolitano also jokingly refers to Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano as "cousin Janet" who has yet to answer his request to appear on his show for a debate on the contentious issue.

Hopefully he will be booked on "Real Time with Bill Maher" when that show returns to HBO, as it would be truly spirited television, with Napolitano joining the ranks of other conservatives like Bill O'Reilly and Reihan Salam who gave Maher the best run for his money in the last season.  We're betting the Judge could easily do the same.

Judge Napolitano says TSA body scans and pat downs violate 4th Amendment rights as written in the Constitution.  He says, “Just because you enter the airport does not mean you give up your 4th amendment rights to be searched without probable cause."

Here the Judge interviews New Jersey State Senator Mike Doherty and New Jersey State Assemblywoman Alison McHose who are backing New Jersey legislation opposing out-of-control TSA practices:

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