American Occult truly scary fare for Discovery, Oct. 30, previews

Real life Satan worshippers and all sorts of fun people are featured on "American Occult."

Venturing into a dark world, Investigation Discovery's American Occult is a three-part mini-series premiering Saturday, October 30 from 8-11PM ET/PT. 

Taking viewers inside the sinister worlds of self-professed vampires, cannibals and Satanists, each episode reveals the truth behind these ritual killers.

Savage Sin, 8PM ET/PT
Someone is snatching women off the streets in Chicago and mutilating them in unspeakable ways; investigators are shocked to discover an altar hidden on a quiet street where deadly rites, including cannibalistic rituals, are performed. In the next story, someone murders a nun with satanic overtones in a chapel during Christianity's holiest season. Investigators eventually unmask the perpetrator, and discover rumors of dark practices among some of the most respected people in the community.

Blood Lust, 9PM ET/PT
Emergency workers find a young woman who has been shackled, sexually assaulted and who has lost forty percent of her blood. As she tells her story to investigators they realize she has had a horrifying encounter with someone who believes he is a real-life vampire. Next, a small town in New England is shaken when authorities discover that someone is brutally murdering prostitutes. As they investigate the deaths, they learn about a ring of sex workers rumored to be meeting in the dark forests nearby to perform unspeakable rituals in the worship of Satan himself. 

Evil Sacrifice, 10PM ET/PT
A teenage boy finds his parents murdered as part of a ritual killing. In the days that follow, locals patrol the streets with guns, convinced that a network of devil worshippers are about to strike. Next, a charming and eloquent preacher gathers together a group of devout believers determined to bring on the end of the world with a sacrifice.

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