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American Occult truly scary fare for Discovery, Oct. 30, previews

By April MacIntyre Oct 26, 2010, 10:19 GMT

American Occult truly scary fare for Discovery, Oct. 30, previews

Effigy of the mythological demon King Ravana - The effigy are to be burnt in the evening on the Hindu festival Dussehra which follows the nine day festival of Navratri and which is celebrated as the victory of the mytholigical Hindu God Lord Rama over the evil demon king Ravana. EPA/RAMINDER PAL SINGH

Real life Satan worshippers and all sorts of fun people are featured on "American Occult."

Venturing into a dark world, Investigation Discovery's American Occult is a three-part mini-series premiering Saturday, October 30 from 8-11PM ET/PT. 

Taking viewers inside the sinister worlds of self-professed vampires, cannibals and Satanists, each episode reveals the truth behind these ritual killers.

Savage Sin, 8PM ET/PT
Someone is snatching women off the streets in Chicago and mutilating them in unspeakable ways; investigators are shocked to discover an altar hidden on a quiet street where deadly rites, including cannibalistic rituals, are performed. In the next story, someone murders a nun with satanic overtones in a chapel during Christianity's holiest season. Investigators eventually unmask the perpetrator, and discover rumors of dark practices among some of the most respected people in the community.

Blood Lust, 9PM ET/PT
Emergency workers find a young woman who has been shackled, sexually assaulted and who has lost forty percent of her blood. As she tells her story to investigators they realize she has had a horrifying encounter with someone who believes he is a real-life vampire. Next, a small town in New England is shaken when authorities discover that someone is brutally murdering prostitutes. As they investigate the deaths, they learn about a ring of sex workers rumored to be meeting in the dark forests nearby to perform unspeakable rituals in the worship of Satan himself. 

Evil Sacrifice, 10PM ET/PT
A teenage boy finds his parents murdered as part of a ritual killing. In the days that follow, locals patrol the streets with guns, convinced that a network of devil worshippers are about to strike. Next, a charming and eloquent preacher gathers together a group of devout believers determined to bring on the end of the world with a sacrifice.

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