The Biggest Loser's big surgery on The Doctors

On Tuesday, October 12, Danny Cahill, a recent The Biggest Loser winner, appears on the Emmy Award-winning syndicated series The Doctors to reveal his new body, courtesy of host, Dr. Andrew Ordon. 

When Danny first appeared in January, 2010 to discuss losing 239 pounds, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ordon promised to remove the excess skin from his body, skin that was left sagging as a result of the massive weight he once carried. 

Danny underwent a brutal nine hour total body lift surgery performed by Dr. Ordon and his partner, Dr. Ritu Chopra.  The surgery removed over ten pounds of excess skin from Danny’s torso, chest and back, and after several weeks of recovery, Danny Cahill is ready to reveal what Dr. Ordon calls his “ready for the beach body.”

“I’m just blown away by the results,” states Cahill.  “Now when I run a marathon, I won’t hear my lose skin flapping up and down and think that the noise is people clapping.”

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