Showtime's 'Look' is shocking, Adam Rifkin and Ali Cobrin interviewed on FNC

No one is spared from the relentless, unblinking eye of the countless cameras that are hidden in every nook and cranny of day-to-day life.

Showtime introduces "Look" this October, a voyeuristic series that chronicles several subjects, including porn star Lexi Love, one of the people set to be featured in filmmaker Adam Rifkin’s new series.

"Look" is based on the 2007 award-winning film of the same name.

The Showtime series is lensed entirely from the point of view of the security cameras, web cams, cell phone cameras and more that capture all our movements, and it will follow random interweaving storylines over the course of a week in Los Angeles.

"Look's" writer and director Adam Rifkin and actress Ali Cobrin spoke with FOX News’ Courtney Friel in an interview this Sunday (October 3) on FOX & Friends.

“The average American is now captured approximately 300 times a day, in department stores, gas stations, changing rooms, even public bathrooms,” Rifkin told FOX News.

Rifkin excerpts from FOX News:

On researching for this series:

“We did a lot of research…I learned some pretty interesting things when we went to a mall security office…all the guys behind the cameras in the private room were high school kids basically and they were smoking pot, they were using their camera’s to zoom in on women…posting clips on you tube….as a private citizen this is a little bit scary but as a film maker this is fascinating, I have to explore it.”

On whether his series is an accurate depiction of how invasive cameras are in everyday life:

“I didn’t ever want to cheat when I made “LOOK,” I never wanted anyone to say when they are watching it: there’s not a camera there. But, the truth is everywhere there is a camera in the show…really there are cameras there [in reality]. Like, I learned that in 37 states it is legal to have cameras in dressing rooms and in public bathrooms and also under casino tables.”

Ali Cobrin interview excerpts:

Most important thing she learned making "Look"

“The most important lesson I learned about privacy is definitely keep your panties on in the dressing rooms.”

“I would assume that you are kind of always being watched!”

"Look" premieres at midnight on Showtime on Oct. 10.

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