Capt. Paul Watson announces Contest and update on Galapagos, Faeroe, Japan

Captain Paul Watson sent Monsters and Critics an update on his doings with the Sea Shepherd Organization.

Capt. Watson writes, "We are now simultaneously working to defend marine lives in the Faeroes, the Galapagos, the Gulf of Mexico, and the infamous Cove in Taiji, Japan. We are also gearing up for this year's Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign to stop the Japanese whalers from illegally killing whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary."

The Captain, featured in Animal Planet's "Whale Wars", is asking for help.

"Your support is needed now more than ever! Please help us maintain our strong defense against the pirates of the sea on behalf of our clients - the marine wildlife we are committed to defending and protecting!

Watson also shared an update on the demonstration against the "Rot" in Denmark 
Capt Watson, Lamya Essemlal and the Brigitte Bardot Fondation held a joint media conference to demand that the European Union enforce European regulations against Denmark to stop the horrific slaughter of pilot whales known as "The Grind" in the Danish Protectorate of the Faeroe Islands.

According to Watson, the conference was followed by a large demonstration in front of the Danish Embassy in Paris. Over 200 people attended, as some 40 riot-equipped National Police officers guarded the entrance to the embassy, and effectively shut it down for three hours. 
Regarding the Dolphins in Taiji, Japan, Watson writes that the Sea Shepherd's Scott and Elora West are keeping watch in the dolphin killing cove of Taiji, Japan. You can read Scott's daily reports including photos and video on our COVE_GUARDIAN page

Watson reports that the Sea Shepherd Calls for the Creation of a Specialized Judiciary On Rights of Nature in Galapagos,  Watson and the Sea Shepherd group have been fighting for more than 10 years to defend and protect marine wildlife in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador with direct action and assisting law enforcement.

Watson says, "Recently, we have been increasing our efforts on the legal front. On September 20th, led by Hugo Echeverrķa, Sea Shepherd's legal advisor for the Galapagos, Sea Shepherd joined forces with the World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International to present a legal brief to PROJUSTICIA. This legal brief justifies the need to create a Specialized Judiciary on Rights for Nature in the province of Galapagos, Ecuador. MORE "

Watson has also created a contest for those who wish to be part of his crew and be a Whale Warrior.
Details on the YouTube Contest!

Do YOU want to get onboard a Sea Shepherd ship and join the whale wars in the Southern Ocean?
Do YOU want to get in the face of whale-killing poachers?
Do YOU want to be part of Whale Wars, the most popular show on Discovery's Animal Planet Network?

All YOU need to do is make a short YouTube presentation
to tell us why we need YOU on the crew.

Contest Ends Oct 31st - Get the DETAILS

Watson shared an anecdote about their logo: "Ever wonder what the symbolism is behind our iconic Jolly Roger Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Logologo? It stands for the good pirates (Sea Shepherd) who pursue the bad pirates (driftnetters, whalers, sealers, poachers, etc).

The logo's intricate design includes a shepherd's staff, which represents the way Sea Shepherd guards and protects our oceans, and Neptune's trident, which signifies our interventionist approach. The skull represents the death that humans inflict on the creatures of the sea. It is further detailed with a dolphin and whale "yin yang" symbol to represent the natural balance of the oceans when free from human interference."

Watson elaborated on the mission: "Sea Shepherd is as effective as our logo is unique. Some people do not see eye-to-eye with our tactics or our branding, but the fact is that our unconventional approach is the sole reason hundreds of thousands of marine animals, including almost 2,000 whales, are swimming freely in the ocean today."

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