Gulf Oil spill highlights NGC programming May 26 - 31, 2010

Tune in alert for National Geographic Channel this week.

The Gulf disaster continues as BP oil company is still trying to figure out how to plug the millions of gallons pouring into the Gulf of Mexico every day.  Thursday will see NGC feature a special that examines America's biggest ecological disaster ever in history.

DELTA DIVERS: RACING THE STORM Wednesday, May 26 at 9PM ET/PT Video "Emily's First Deep Sea Dive" - Emily attempts her first deep sea dive. Will she be the next to join the elite ranks of women divers in the Gulf of Mexico?


Overview “It takes a special breed of person to work all the way up here. You’ve got to be part tradesman, part acrobat and just a little bit crazy.” – Sean Riley

Sean Riley is an expert rigger, but in this episode he is going to new heights. He’ll hang over the edge of Las Vegas’ tallest building to fix the X-Scream, a thrill ride on the Stratosphere.

One of the critical safety measures needs replacing, and Riley joins the ride’s head of maintenance on the very edge of the track, 800 feet above the ground, to make the fix. Then he’ll dangle 500 feet over the side of the Hoover Dam to retrieve trash. And just upriver from Niagara Falls, he’ll hang over an unstable, overgrown cliff to eliminate loose rocks.

This is truly a job where you don’t want to find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Video “Giant Windmill Repairs” – In New York's Finger Lakes region, wind power is big business -- and Sean Riley has to climb sky high to help make this repair!

Video “Sky High Roller Coaster Fix” – Sean Riley and engineer Steve make a precarious roller coaster repair 900 feet over Las Vegas.

GULF OIL SPILL Thursday, May 27 at 10PM ET/PT

It's one of America's biggest environmental disasters and the largest oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico since 1979. Now, as experts scramble to stop the oil leak, NGC will reveal what happened to the Deepwater Horizon as a blowout tore it apart, killing 11 of the 126 men on board, sending oil toward the coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

The special will contain never-before-seen video shot by salvage crews as they battled to get close to the burning rig. Video “Towering Fuel Flames” – As the explosion on the oil rig in the gulf grows into a raging fire, the coast guard desperately tries to save injured workers.

 Video “The Face of the Devil” – As the oil rig bursts into flames, members of the Coast Guard rush to the scene, where the explosions can be seen for miles.

Cannibal Hippos FRIDAY at 10P et/pt

When hundreds of dead hippos start appearing in a pristine African wildlife park, one scientist deduces the shocking cause: a terrifying epidemic that infects its victims in a way never seen before.

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Interrogating Saddam - NEW - SUN at 10P et/pt

After the capture of Saddam Hussein, FBI Agent George Piro was assigned to lead the interrogation. This is the story of not only an extraordinary criminal investigation but a psychological chess match between two men.

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