Shocking video footage of World's Fattest Man from TLC

The world's fattest man lives in England.

He is close to 1000 pounds, and he cannot control his eating despite his issues.

This Sunday at 9/8c on TLC you will meet Paul Mason. The world's heaviest man has been warned that he has just months to live unless he loses weight, it was revealed in 2009 that Paul Mason, 48, is unable to move from his bed as he awaits life-saving surgery. The former engineer and Royal mail worker suffers from a compulsive eating disorder and has repeatedly tried to diet over the last 23 years

The Daily_Mail of the UK interviewed Bob Singh Phagura, the manager of the Nacton Road Fish Bar in Ipswich (Mason's home town), who said every Friday Mr Mason would come to his shop with his carers and buy:

    * Four large cod
    * Two pies
    * Four battered sausages
    * Six large portions of chips
    * Mushy peas and curry sauce
    * All washed down with bottles of Coke

"He would wait outside as we couldn't fit him or his wheelchair into the shop," said Mr Singh Phagura. "His carers would take away the food. It was ten times more than a normal person would eat."

Weighing 800 pounds and a lifetime spent addicted to food, Mason is currently the world's fattest man.  Given less than two years to live, Paul must gamble on a surgical procedure that could save him from his destructive behavior or cost him his life

The shocking sneak peek

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