Makeover week plus Tony Romo for Biggest Loser Couples, preview

NBC's The Biggest Loser has a surprise in store for the contestants of the reality weight loss competition.

For the six contestants remaining: Sam, Koli, Sunshine, Ashley, Daris and Michael, who have lost a combined total of 805 pounds, shopping for clothing suddenly is a fun task.

The other weight loss series, “The Biggest Loser: Couples” contestants get encouragement from Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and helpful advice from two past season winners – Helen Phillips (season seven) and Erik Chopin (season three) – on the episode airing Tuesday, May 11 (8-10 p.m. ET) on NBC.

First, the five remaining players get some game-changing news from host Alison Sweeney: there will be no yellow line this week, just a red line. 

Whoever falls below the red line will go home automatically, leaving this season’s final four. 

The tension mounts, especially for one player who struggles to appreciate all they have accomplished so far.

Then Bob Harper surprises the contestants with an introduction to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo while they are out shopping. 

The NFL superstar encourages the contestants and talks about the inspirational role models they have become before taking them on a hike with Bob.

Later, they also get surprise visits from two past season winners – Helen Phillips and Erik Chopin.  While Helen has maintained a healthy weight since winning season seven, Erik has openly struggled with his weight and gained back much of what he lost.  He talks very candidly about his challenges and his plan to get back on track, and Helen shares helpful advice about keeping the weight off once they leave the ranch.

Then the contestants face what could be their toughest challenge yet, a past-season favorite determined by an online viewer poll.

They have to put all of their weight back on and race up and down 16 hills of sand while dropping their weekly weight loss incrementally as it was lost during the season.  The winner gets $10,000 or a 1 lb. advantage at the crucial upcoming weigh-in.

Later, all five players get a chance to see just how far they’ve really come watching emotional videos of each of their weight-loss journeys at the ranch with their trainers.

Then it’s time for the weigh-in, when two contestants break “Biggest Loser” records.  Finally, one more player is sent home, leaving the final four contestants, one of whom will win the grand prize of $250,000.



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