Syfy's Ghost Hunters finale, Norwich State preview

We're wicked bummed out that Rhode Island's TAPS team are ending their fun season tomorrow night.  The season finale of "Ghost Hunters" sees the team gets the chance to investigate one of the country’s most elusive sites, beginning at 9/8c. 

Warning! At the end of this episode the team will present one of the most alarming piece of evidence… ever!

The team visits the home of the terrified Scully family who is ready to move.

Mrs. Scully shows the team the hot spots starting in the living room that has confrontational shadows, adult legs walking up the stairs and spirits breathing down people's necks.

The greatest activity is in 4-year-old Tyler's room. He spends his time with the ghosts of 2 small children, and speaks so freely with and about them that Mrs. Scully has taken him to mental health professionals for evaluations.

A medium has visited and advised the Scully family not to provoke the spirits- though for $300 the medium could make the problem go away.

This is the kind of case TAPS lives for because they can help a family find peace of mind. For free.

Ghost Hunters – “Norwich State” *Season Finale* Sneak Peek Clip

Airing: Tomorrow, May 5th at 9/8c.


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