'Deadliest Catch' Capt. Sig Hansen on Jay Leno, is DWTS in his future?

Tune in alert on Jay Leno tonight for Captain Sig Hansen!

Sig comes clean about his secret Dancing with the Stars dream - Watch Leno tonight and find out more.

In our recent interview (part one) with Captain Sig Hansen, Monsters and Critics recalls meeting the sea captain for the first time with friend and fellow writer, Hot Cuppa TV blogger and TV Czarina. Kate O'Hare:

"Sig was gamely going along with O'Hare's brilliant idea to pitch ABC the sea captain for the dance competition "Dancing with the Stars.  He defended his dancing skills and said he would do well on the series.
While they caught up, I got to chat with his beautiful wife June and heard great stories about Sig's Norwegian family, and how he and Edgar went to Karmoy, Norway and found their brides.  June told me he was a brilliant dancer too, as we caught Sig demonstrating a ballroom move to O'Hare.  The women of "Deadliest Catch," who wait for their men to come back to them, are deserving of their own show or some extra air-time. "

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