Biggest Loser full video recaps from Apr. 20, O'Neal's emotional week

NBC's Biggest Loser video recap:

NBC sent Monsters and Critics the bonus video recap from last night's episode that saw a gut punch for O'Neal, who lost his older brother.

O'Neal had injured his bad knee during a demanding challenge, then had to cope with learning that his older brother had died after battling cancer. Then his daughter nearly was eliminated on the reality competition. 

Take a look ahead to next week’s episode in the “Next On;” the contestants are participating in a public event to try to help the people of Dallas be more healthy.

BIGGEST LOSER Two-Minute Replay:

Week Fourteen (4/20/10) The players take a field trip to the beach! Catch up here.

Week 14 Elimination Koli has to cast the only vote in this week's elimination.

Week 14 – Victoria Check out how Victoria looks today and watch her and her mother complete their biking challenge.

Bonus Scenes: Week 14 -

Sam's Gratitude Sam appreciates his one more week on the ranch.

Bonus Scenes: Week 14 -

Workout Weapon Victoria makes her own survival kit for working out in the outdoors.

The Biggest Loser Next On The players travel to Dallas and see just how many people they've inspired.

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