'Biggest Loser' full video recap, Wayne's triumph spurs the group on

Last night's "Biggest Loser" showed what these reality shows can do when fans become motivated for self improvement.  In Wayne's case, massive weight loss was celebrated on the show.

You can check out Stephanie after her elimination in this week’s “Where Are They Now” clip. Plus, NBC sent Monsters and Critics bonus scenes!

Watch the three videos below for a bunch of extra content from Week 11’s episode. Preview next week’s show with a new promo, which is also below.

A cool contest for The Biggest Loser has been announced too. If you’re a fan of the show and have your own trouble with weight loss, Biggest Loser can help “Jump Start The New You!”

Head to the site and share your story to enter, the 10 finalists will be voted on by the readers and the top 3 will win a gift package with everything you need to get going!

Learn more and enter here: http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/jump-start-the-new-you/.


Two Min Recap Catch up with what happens when two players return to the ranch.

Week 11- Stephanie Check out how Stephanie looks today and watch her answer your message board questions!

Bonus Scenes: Week 11 - Boxing Lessons O'Neal joins Sam and Koli in some late night boxing.


Bonus Scenes: Week 11 -

Tough Decision Andrea and Ashley struggle with the idea of eliminating a friend.

Bonus Scenes: Week 11

- Visting Venice Bob and Jillian bring the gym to the beach.

Next On: The Real Game The players put on their game faces as the competition heats up.

Wayne's story:

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