Check my bad self out episode of Biggest Loser, full video recap for Mar. 23

NBC sent Monsters and Critics the video recap for "Biggest Loser" on March 23.

Embedded below are awesome clips from last night’s episode. You can also check in with Lance and hear him answer some fan questions in the “Where Are They Now” video.

There are more scenes you didn’t see last night, too, also below.

Two-Minute Replay: Week Ten (3/23/10)

The players adjust to life at home. Watch the TMR.

Where Are The Now:

Week 10- Lance Check out how Lance looks today and watch as he answers some ofyour questions.

Bonus Scenes: Week 10 -

O'Neal's Cooking Skills O'Neal's wife gives her husband a lesson in cooking.

Bonus Scenes: Week 10 -

Michael's Update Bob takes some time to catch-up with Michael.

Bonus Scenes: Week 10 -

Newfound Confidence Sam and Koli return to the ranch with a new sense of confidence.

Big Homecoming

The players prepare for a BIG homecoming on an all-new Biggest Loser

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