The Biggest Loser recap, Blue performs solidly, videos

The Biggest Loser: Couples this week have to go to work.

The remaining contestants had to work full-time jobs alongside Feeding America--and keep up their fitness regimen and do a daily grind.

The challenge: Each team has to drag a 30,000 pound truck along the runway.

Then the teams had to load puzzle pieces they see along the way into the trucks, while still dragging them, the winner of the piece the puzzle challenge wins a year's worth of groceries.  The blue team wins this challenge.

The back to work challenge has the gym's open from 6am-7pm so its early to bed...early to rise.  The hectic commuting had some forget packing a lunch.

Two contestants finally said adios to the 300-pound mark: Ashley hit 293 pounds, and Lance hit 290.

From NBC: The current weight scoreboards:

Cheryl: 182 pounds (-5) (eliminated)

Andrea: 243 pounds (-7)
Ashley: 293 pounds (-8)
Daris: 258 pounds (-9)
Koli: 306 pounds (-10)
Lance: 290 pounds (-10)
Michael: 408 pounds (-9)
O'Neal: 311 pounds (-5)
Sam: 286 pounds (-4)
Sherry: 166 pounds (-5) (immunity)
Stephanie: 210 pounds (-3)
Sunshine: 225 pounds (-8) 

The Biggest Loser: NBC sent Monsters and Critics the highlight and two minute clip.

The Biggest Loser: Week 8 Elimination

The Black Team has to vote on who to eliminate this week.

Week Eight The players learn about workweek. Watch the Two-Minute Replay here

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