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Black Vs. Blue On The Biggest Loser and A New Parenthood Docusode

By April MacIntyre Mar 10, 2010, 3:26 GMT

Black Vs. Blue On The Biggest Loser and A New Parenthood Docusode

02/22/2010 - Peter Krause - NBC/Universal\'s "Parenthood" Premiere Screening - Arrivals - The Director\'s Guild - West Hollywood, CA. USA © Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

NBC sent over to Monsters and Critics new episode previews of The Biggest Loser and Parenthood for tonight.

The Biggest Loser preview and the second Parenthood Docusode are posted below.

Biggest Loser: Two hours of The Biggest Loser come your way tonight with a special competition: a truck pulling contest!

Itís Black Team vs. Blue Team tonight Ė get a preview of the new episode below.

BIGGEST LOSER Black Vs. Blue Out to make the impossible possible. All-New Biggest Loser, Tuesday 8/7c.

Parenthood: The greatest fear of some parents is becoming just like their parents. But, as some parents explain in the latest Docusode, itís inevitable.

Listen to real couples and Parenthood stars recount their most startling parenting realizations in Docusode #2! Tune in for the all-new, two hour Biggest Loser followed by a new Parenthood, all starting at 8/7c!


Becoming Your Parents Whether we like it or not, sometimes parenthood is all in the genes.

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